Perry Sutcliffe-Keenan

One of the guys who tried to incite other people to riot. Nice guy.

Ok, I know I’ve been muttering darkly about executions and punishment recently, but this one gets me going.

Two young guys were sentenced to four years each, and suddenly the liberal press has gone into overdrive. Screams of “disproportionate” can be heard all over the place. Not, I would imagine, in their towns or in the areas where the rioting took hold last week.

Let’s remember what happened last week.

On Thursday before last, a 29 year old man was in a taxi riding home, when armed police stopped the vehicle. While the driver cowered in terror, two shots were fired. The man died. On cop had a bullet destroy his radio.

Subsequently it has gradually become clear that the bullet was a 9mm JHP from a police H&K submachinegun. Although the man involved had a bored out pocket gun (a starting pistol modified, I assume, to shoot .22 LR) it wasn’t fired. And even the most moronic forensic techie could tell the difference, I hope, between a 9mm and .22 slug.

Anyway, suspicions about the police aside, this event kicked off the worst rioting in about twenty years.

It began with a march on the local police by the man’s family to ask why he had been shot. In accordance with regulations the police would not respond since they were under investigation. These regulations should be reconsidered. Still, the fact the guy was carrying an illegal weapon does sort of indicate he wasn’t whiter than white.

But what then happened was a series of riots. First, all over London, then moving out to other cities.

It was instantly declared by left-leaning twits that this was a simple case of the underclass protesting. It was a result of school children losing a £60  a week bribe to study so that they could improve their own life chances. It was a result of kids losing their playing areas, it was a result of the lack of investment in new jobs. It was because of the government cuts.

Actually, I don’t think so. Why should social underclasses instantly rebel against police and government by leaving police stations alone, and not torching government offices, but instead robbing shoe shops, IT or TV shops? This was nothing to do with social complaints. It was thieving, made easier by the fact of so many being involved.

OK, so what kind of social groupings were involved in the robberies?

There were teens, there were college and uni students. There was a woman from Exeter uni, for example, who’s father is a millionaire, who helped by driving a car to take gear away. Not an underclass, just ordinary middle-class folks looking for excitement and cheap goods. Many took huge TVs they couldn’t carry, so they threw them away in the street. Madness.

OK, so some damage. But there was a man shot dead in a car in Croydon. An old man who tried to put out flames in his street was beaten to death. And three young guys were run over by a car. All died. Five dead on top of the original police victim.


So now two characters are to go down for four years each, what was their crime?

Incitement. Both of them set up webpages to try to get the riots to extend to their areas.They deliberately attempted to incite other people to violence and riot.

Now, the liberal folks (and I am a liberal myself) are crying foul because these two didn’t actually succeed. They tried to incite, but no one was hurt by their actions. No one was killed, injured or scared, they say, because no one was actually moronic enough to do as they asked.

So ruddy what?

If I were to go on the computer and try to incite someone to commit a terrorist act, I would be guilty. If I demanded that someone try to assassinate the Queen, the Prime Minister or President Obama, I would be rightly prosecuted, and could anticipate a severe penalty. If I attempted to kill someone myself, the mere fact I was incompetent or too stupid to succeed would not be a defence. At least, I hope it wouldn’t be.

Liberals point to a younger lad of 17, who was given a much lower penalty. He got to have his access to Facebook removed for a year, and probably some elements of community service. I’m not sure – and don’t actually care. His punishment is vastly less because he’s classed as under age for grown up penalties in this country. Under our moronic system he cannot even be named in case it causes some trauma to him, I guess.

So do I feel sympathy for these cretins now that they are starting their gaol sentences?

No I do not. As far as I am concerned, the unpleasant pair can remain in prison for a good, long time. They deserve it.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the mugshot of me as the featured image, it’s because I was thinking: no bookshops were broken into.

11 Responses to “Punishments”
  1. Old Trooper says:

    Michael, I pretty much agree with what you said. However, I think that your definition of being “liberal” and that of others may not be the same. You try to deal with things in a reasoned manner while the true left wing liberal uses emotional BS arguments. I certainly would not put you in the same class as an Allen Colmes or a Jane Fonda.


    • Relieved to hear that, OT! I’m liberal because I reckon people can best decide how to live their lives without intervention from others. Always believed in the English way of anything is legal unless specifically banned. But inciting to riot is definitely banned!


  2. I just bought your new book “Kings Gold”, and just started reading it last night. What happen recently in UK and what happen in London back in 1326 is similar. Thugs and lowlife takes over a city.

    Stan Dluzin
    Westland, Mi USA


  3. Old Trooper says:

    Sort of a quasi-libertarian by your definition, Micheal. That is why, especially in these days, one needs a “program” of definitions. So many politicians, etc. get away with a great deal by using words that people like albeit they mean something that is different from what their audiences think they are saying. First, folks don’t know recent history (what has happened and the interconnections in the past 100 years) and later history as well. Second, their understanding of language is poor in to many cases. No one seeks consensual validation (I think I heard you say such and such. Is that what you meant?). But, I suspect that that has been the case since the Fall (as in Genesis). One might say, “SSDD” (something I came up with a long time ago but that seems to have crept into the post WWII acronym database. If you don’t know what it stands for think about it and you should get it in a few minutes).


  4. Carole Schultz says:

    I agree whole heartedly, these thugs should be behind bars; and they should name ALL offenders, regardless of age.

    PS Love the photo…yours, not the cretin!


  5. My thoughts exactly!


  6. Why do copyright holders only allow people from certain countries to view their content?


    • It’s because the publishers have set territories in which to work. They buy the rights from the authors. Usually it’s within a language. If you’re Spanish, Spanish rights are easy. But if you’re English-speaking, the world has to be cut into two chunks – British Commonwealth and US. If I sell a book in the UK, I can sell it in the US as well. It’s hard to make money at writing nowadays, and getting rid of territorial rights will make it even harder. Put it like this, in Norway, France and many other countries, the market is driven by indigenous publishers. They offer limited discounts, so authors still earn about ten percent per book sold. In the UK we now get ten percent of the amount the publisher earns. If they have to discount by seventy percent to sell to Amazon, our income drops seventy percent too. So keeping territorial rights is viewed as pretty essential.


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