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Books, books and more books!

Yes, it’s that time of year. A new Jecks book, CITY OF FIENDS, which means that there are one or two lucky folks who can buy copies for family or friends.

This one is a return to my roots, so to speak. The action begins with the sudden death of poor Bishop James  of Exeter, when he and his entourage were murdered at one of his ecclesiastical manors. At the same time, a poor young servant was found murdered. It’s just a sign of the terrible period, that these  two killings should take place – or is there more to them both?

CITY OF FIENDS is a great read, and the last of a sequence. The next story will be a prequel, returning to Baldwin’s youth during the terrible siege of Acre.


Many thanks to all those who have already asked for copies of the latest book, or for past stories. I have to apologise to those who enquired before the weekend. Unfortunately, the unexpected and untimely arrival of a nephew threw all my plans out by a day! Still, I’ve checked all the prices, and they appear to be as I’ve set out below.

UK – City of Fiends hardback £24.50
Trade paperback £17.00

Europe – Hardback £26.00
USA – Hardback £30.00
Australia – Hardback £31.00

These prices will include all postage, packing, a signed postcard from a previous book, and a selection of bookmarks. All books will be signed by the author, and if a special comment is required, let me know and I’ll add it for you.

I also have one copy each of Bishop Must Die and King’s Gold in hardback for the same prices.

There are also trade paperback copies of King of Thieves for £15, or Bishop Must Die, The Oath, orKing’s Gold, all at £17, and again, all include the same selection of postcard, bookmarks, and signature.

If you are interested in other titles, do please let me know. I have some stocks of paperbacks as well, and the postage for them will be significantly less, hopefully.

9 Responses to “Book Sales”
  1. Jack Eason says:

    Congratulations once again Michael. Good fortune to you with “City of Fiends”. :)


  2. Lucy Taylor says:

    Hi Michael, I’d like to buy a hardback copy of your new book please, signed if possible.

    Can you let me know what information you need and how I can pay.

    Thank you

    Lucy Taylor


  3. chris headford says:

    I would also like to buy a copy of city of friends. Hardback please provide details of how I do this please


    • Mike says:

      Hello, Chris – Sorry, been away for a few days!

      The easiest way is to get in touch via email. If you go to my main website at and click on the “contact the author” tab, you’ll come straight to me. Do that, and I’ll be delighted to sell you a copy. I’ll need your address and other simple details, that’s all.



  4. Before I order from Amazon, do you have any copies of ‘No Law in the Land’ for sale? Have started ‘The Bishop Must Die’ and realised I’d skipped one! Also would be interested in the pbks of ‘King’s Gold’ and ‘City of Fiends’ if any left :)


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