Crediton Literary Festival

Last week I wrote about a great little festival in the Gladstone’s Library in Flintshire. And now here’s another one.  Last weekend I had the pleasure of joining with the Exeter Writers’ Association at the second Crediton Festival. Last year it was a small affair, with a number of the Exeter Writers standing and giving … Continue reading

Book Sales

Books, books and more books! Yes, it’s that time of year. A new Jecks book, CITY OF FIENDS, which means that there are one or two lucky folks who can buy copies for family or friends. This one is a return to my roots, so to speak. The action begins with the sudden death of … Continue reading

Naughty Nuns and Provocative Priests

I confess, there are few topic that are more likely to upset a certain group, than allegations of misbehaviour in Holy Orders. OK, I know it’s a cliche nowadays. I accept that. Since it appears that scarcely a month goes past without a story about another bad boy in the vicarage in Ireland, or America, … Continue reading