The Templar’s Penance by Michael Jecks

An excellent review as always from the master Crime reviewer! Many thanks.

In Search of the Classic Mystery Novel

The Templar's Penance1323. Following the devastating events in The Mad Monk Of Gidleigh (not required reading, but it’s a great book, so why not?) Sir Baldwin Furnshill and Simon Puttock have chosen to leave their families in Devon and head to Santiago De Compostela on pilgrimage. And if the Are You Being Served? film has taught us anything, when us British go abroad, things never go well…

But Santiago De Compostela (in Galicia, North West Spain) is no Costa Plonka. The problem with people who head to a place on pilgrimage is that they invariably have done something very wrong in the past – and we all know the effect that past secrets can have in murder mysteries. It isn’t long before Simon and Baldwin find themselves involved in investigating a terrible crime – a young woman brutally raped and beaten to death. As the sun beats down on them, they struggle…

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One Response to “The Templar’s Penance by Michael Jecks”
  1. This is looking good, I commented on the reviewers page but meant to comment here. I do like Templar stories, I am presuming this is part of a series from what the reviewer said, which is the beginning one?


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