New Moves!

I’ve been having a lot of fun recently and it’s getting better.

Some of you will have occasionally sprinted over to writerlywitterings on YouTube and seen some of my videos on my books and on writing. Not yet? Go and check it out.

The videos seem to have interested a lot of people, and because of that I’ve decided I’m going to do a bit more working with the channel.

I’ve finished my series of reviews about all my books, but there was one aspect missing. While I was talking about the books, I didn’t manage to go out and film locations. Not because I’m bone idle and welded to this desk (well, not only that), but because the microphones on the two cameras we were using just weren’t up to coping with the wind howling over the moors. The roaring sounded like a steam engine in terminal decline rushing at me. Not a good noise at all. So, as a result I’ve invested in a professional mic, which seems to have cured all those problems. It means I can return to some of the more atmospheric locations from the books. And you, dear reader, can help. Let me know which you’d most like to have filmed and I’ll go over and look at them.

wpid-dsc_0144.jpgSecond, I have been talking about more book reviews for a while now, and finally I’ve got an idea about video recording book interviews which I think will work. It’s going to involve YouTube videos where I talk about the books, and then Q&A sessions in writing here. The reason is, the interviews are easier to conduct over time via email, rather than me trying to sort out how to interview. And yes, while most of the problem is my own incompetence in sorting out how to use and record a two-way conversation on Skype, it’s also a fact that other writers are no better than me! Trying to get two authors to liaise, fix time in their diaries and then record a chat is going to be harder than herding frogs across a desert.

Third, I am looking at a series of videos that will be more focused on tools. Initially this will involve my own ancient tools: pens and pencils going back forty five years and more (which is terrifying!), then looking at more modern tools for writing. Why? Well, I’m fed up with seeing reports that suggest that handwriting is dead. I like handwriting, and I want to talk and show how pens and different inks can help people communicate and also how it can help organise their own thinking and their work. Yes, I will also talk about mind mapping software, the editors I use,  the planning software and other things that really excite me about computers, but that won’t detract from my main focus: pens and handwriting.  Hopefully I may inspire one or two people to look at picking up pens again.

Fourth, of course, I’ll still be planning and thinking about new issues that could help people who want to write for a living or merely for fun, whether it’s to do with planning a story, figuring out how to plot a murder, or what to do when preparing to go to speak publicly for the first time – there are so many aspects that I need to cover still.

Do please let me know what you would best like to see talked about either on YouTube or here on writerlywitterings.  All ideas will be very gratefully received!

Don’t forget: if you want to pick up a free read, go to my The Boy’s Revenge and click on the link for a short story based on my Vintener series. Or go look at Amazon for Headline’s Michael Jecks Compendium!

10 Responses to “New Moves!”
  1. Alan Scott Goeringer says:

    I would definitely like to see Belstone but most importantly, the setting for Squire Throwleigh’s Heir: the path where Sir Baldwin managed to figure out who was walking along it and when to solve the crime.


    • Belstone is fine, and the pathway towards Shilstone and the tor where I based Squire Throwleigh’s Heir I can do as well – but it’ll have to wait until this blasted rain has stopped!


  2. Natasha Hadleigh says:

    I’m with you on handwriting. I also like it and I write with a fountain pen on at least 80gsm paper. As a former teacher it drives me bonkers when we keep being told handwriting is dead, it’s still very much part of the curriculum and it doesn’t mean technology can’t be embraced too. I watch your videos as a short relaxation between writing stints so I don’t really mind what you talk about. Having said that, I would like to write historical mystery but I don’t feel I have the mind for it so plotting a murder might be useful. Actually, as a recent convert to Scrivener the software stuff might be useful too!


    • My personal favourite is 90 gsm Rhodia and Clairfontaine paper. Actually, I’m thinking about a review of all the cheaper pens over the summer that would be good for school age writers. My writing was always atrocious with biros and similar cheap ball points, but as soon as I got a decent pen, things improved magically! I’ll try to get moving and start presenting videos as soon as possible. Just talking to a few suppliers just now to get items to talk about.

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  3. Lindsey Russell says:

    Looks an impressive bit of kit, can’t wait, and other than the obvious of Simon and Baldwin’s abodes will give your suggested ideas some thought.


  4. Crikey, will you ever have time to write new book?? :)


  5. Laura says:

    I always write a much better first draft if I handwrite it for some reason. The right pen is always a key.
    On the thoughts of topics to write or video about (and I think you have touched on these before) I’d love to hear about all the writing related income streams that that you’ve tried and what worked well or what you’d do differently with them if they didn’t go so well. Most of us know that a full time wage from writing is a mystical wondrous thing that in reality needs a top up of some kind.
    Thought you were having a heat wave over there? It’s pouring rain here Down Under too and really cold. Happy writing.


    • Sorry, thought I’d replied to this already! I find that I can think perfectly well with a pen in hand, but it also makes me plan and outline much more effectively. I’m going to be using my pens more often in the future, I think!


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