It is very hard to write when it is school holidays. Children on holiday have an ability to make noise and disrupt thought processes much more than children at other times of the year. It is particularly unpleasant to be attempting to live to the 5:2 diet when sadistic teenaged girls insist on wafting lemon and lime tarts nearby, just to be evil.

She will pay for that.

However, today I have not managed to write as much because I have been involved in preparing for a new project. No, not the ones I was talking about last week. This is another new one.

This year I have branched out in some new directions. Last week I had an article in a popular magazine; today the BBC very kindly presented me with a digital recorder and the opportunity to interview various friends. I already have four confirmed interviews with other authors, and I have to admit I am really looking forward to conducting them.

The idea is to talk about the Scene of Crime. Yes, you are quite right. I’m mainly talking to crime writers – not exclusively, though. I’m also speaking to non-fiction writers and authors of other genres. And that, for me, is part of the joy of the project. I’m really looking forward to walking around with other authors and getting a feel for their ways of working, learning what inspires them, what it is that they get from a particular street, or a specific river valley. I think it’s going to be fascinating!

As I mentioned last week, I have also been talking to different people about reviewing their products, and I am delighted to say that my YouTube channel will soon start to incorporate several new themes. First and foremost I’m going to talk a little about the pens and other tools which I use most of all, and then I’m going to be looking at and reviewing other products. All of this is more for fun than anything else – I’m not going to get paid for these reviews, other than getting the pleasure of using the items. And while I do it, I’m going to pick the same approach that I use when reviewing books. That is, I won’t put up negative reviews.

If I really, really don’t like a book or a pen, that won’t go up necessarily. What would be the point? The fact that, subjectively, I don’t like something is no reason to hurt an author, publisher or pen manufacturer. I don’t like some authors’ books – but I wouldn’t review them negatively. Other people may well love them. The same goes for a pen.

However, aspects will be discussed. So, if I find a pen too skinny for long periods of writing, I will say so – at the same time as pointing out that it’s probably ideal for making notes and carrying about most of the day; if a pen is too heavy, I’ll say I find it so, but the corollary to that would be that it may well be extraordinarily comfortable for some people. My solid silver Conway Stewart Drake is enormously heavy, but the ink flows so well that it’s a delight to use for hours at a stretch because it can rest on the paper and on my hand and I don’t need to grip it tightly, making it one of my most relaxing pens. My Visconti Homo Sapiens is similar. It’s very comfortable and writes wonderfully smoothly because of the nib.

So, there are two new projects. There are two others. One is a book I’ll be starting very soon. The other … well, you’ll have to wait and see on that. But for me it’s an exciting project, and one I cannot wait to get stuck into!

Don’t forget, if you have any ideas or items you’d like me to talk about, please get in touch. You can put a comment in the box below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Another distraction!

Another distraction!

14 Responses to “Holidays!”
  1. Jack Eason says:

    What with your daughter and the gorgeous spotty dog on your lap, I’d say you have your hands full Michael. ;)


  2. Lindsey Russell says:

    I don’t have any brats – sorry children – of my own but think other peoples are probably more annying. The volume of the neighbours little darlings over the back fence seems far louder than that made by my cousins boys – plus there is no anticipated satisfaction of making them ‘pay’ later.
    Oh, and if you want to lose weight forget all the diets just get a mouth ulcer under your plate.


    • Other people’s are infinitely more irritating, you’re quite right. Especially when they are outside playing and I’m in here trying to concentrate! But they’re only young a short while.


  3. Hey Jecksie, that diet seems to be working. Either that or, who’s the skinny bugger with the plump dog?


  4. ooh what speakers are those, my Mac would like them :)


    • Those are Harman/Kardon speakers. They come with a large woofer (behind my screen, you can’t see it in the photo). I find they’re easily the best, superb sound and great for films too. Mind you, since I’m “profoundly” deaf in one ear, my recommendation is not perhaps the best! Should be able to buy them in any Apple store, I think.

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  5. isoltblog says:

    perhaps a doggy related blog/ vlog would be fun?


  6. Lindsey Russell says:

    I don’t tweet but I read yours – saw yesterday you are into Alan Parsons. I have ‘Turn of a Friendly Card’ and ‘Eye in the Sky’ albums (in vinyl !!!). If you haven’t already come across them give JOURNEY a try – ‘Escape’ is a great album.


  7. I will be holidaying at Swanwick Writer’s Summer school next week, Michael. Looking forward to learning from the master. I will be happy to buy you a drink if you have a free slot in your schedule. Be good to see you again. Stuart Pereira

    Liked by 1 person

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