Writing and Editing

To get to this you will need to be disciplined.

And so, having disposed of the copy edit last week, I am now reliably informed (Natasha is never wrong) that Severn House will post the proofs of the next Jack Blackjack story to me today, so I’ll have to work through them from tomorrow or Friday.

It’s an odd job, being a writer. You need plenty of time to concentrate, to let your mind range over possibilities and their implications – but every time I try to do just that, another wodge of paper appears and derails all my thoughts.

Of course if it were only publishers, it would be easy. However all writers need to be aware now that they have to combine the writing with the marketing. Severn House are very good at marketing and publicity, but all too often other publishers are leaving all that work to the authors – which has two obvious results.

I’d rather be out walking! Nice old tree has collapsed.

First, many authors find themselves getting bogged down in the mire of marketing which they never wanted to be involved in, and which detracts from their writing time; and, second, many writers go through publishers because the publishers promise to market their works. If the publishers won’t commit to even a minimal amount of effort (I was told by one editor that they had held a “social media campaign”. It involved one tweet in two years), there is no earthly point in authors agreeing to give rights to publishers. Why on earth should they, when they could earn infinitely more by remaining as independent publishers of their own works?

However, I have to admit that I enjoy making videos (look me up on YouTube as WriterlyWitterings), although the planning beforehand and editing afterwards does take a fair amount of time. It is marketing, but it’s also making me a load of friends in areas I wouldn’t have expected. I had no idea, for example, how many people there are who really enjoy discussing pens and pencils. Yes, I’m a geek for a decent fountain pen, and still more so for a gorgeously coloured ink, and people who like pens seem to be calmer, kinder folks! And while making videos takes time, it gives me an excuse for reading more (because I record reviews on books – here’s my latest: https://youtu.be/bz6eMZ84kks), and taking some time away from the keyboards!

Right – now to get as much done on this book before the proofs of the other one reappear.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Oleg says:

    Good luck, my friend!

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  2. Good luck, my friend!


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