Situation Normal – AFU

Apologies for the military slang – but what a couple of days I’ve been having. And no, not in a good way!

For the last couple of months – perhaps longer – I’ve been suffering from the famous Apple spinning wheel of death. I had my suspicions about the causes, and was pretty sure that it was the amount of data I have stored on the machine’s hard drive.

It became an issue the more videos I recorded for YouTube. When I loaded iMovie at the same time that iTunes or Photos was open, the computer died. With monotonous regularity. There would be the spinning wheel, and then nothing would happen. The computer had to be turned off and on. Which would fix things – but when this happens four times in rapid succession, you know that there is an issue.

So I have been trawling through the internet support pages for Apple to seek an answer, and today, at last, I gave up and called them. And lo and behold! a short while later there was an answer. And having done something with my machine (don’t ask me what), the thing is working again. So far.

So I am back. For now – and hoping that normal service will soon resume.

Meanwhile, I managed to load my latest video yesterday, after three hours of trying, and although it is not about the most expensive subject or even about books, it has garnered a large amount of views. What’s it about? Eight inks from Diamine, which happen to be different shades of blue. Yup. Nothing else. And it’s one of my most popular videos. (If you want to see it, it is here.)

Which goes to show that, no one can tell which videos will gain the strongest audience. I would never have thought a comparison and review of inks would be interesting to that many people.

Lovely new Homo Sapiens and my leather writing desk

So: now that the computer is hopefully mended, I can get back to the day job by attacking the proofs that have just materialised from Severn House. They are for Jack Blackjack (or, as I prefer, Bloody Mary) book 4. And while I work on this, I have to bear in mind that they have commissioned the next two books in that series.

If anyone is keen on audio books, by the way, I should mention that ISIS has their latest 11 Templar books available for download from Audible. That means rather a lot of titles are now available. You should try them out!

Have a wonderful weekend!

5 Responses to “Situation Normal – AFU”
  1. Old Trooper says:

    I still find Dr.Cleaner Pro, judicially used, removes junk files optimizes memory usage which stops the colourful ‘swirly.’ I sometimes us CleanMyMac X but set it to remove only junk files. It is amazing how much junk piles up in short order that you have absolutely no use for and that gobbles up memory.


    • Yes, I know you like it, but I’m not happy using something that Apple has removed from their store because of doubts. Still, the nice Apple folks seem to have helped speed things up at bit – and I have discovered various iPod and iPhone bits and pieces that I could remove, so that’s freed up some space. Now to move my music onto an external drive …!


  2. Jack Eason says:

    It’s not just Macs that grind to a halt mate. This old Vaio of mine still complains now and again. Mind you its nothing that unplugging it and removing the battery before reversing the process doesn’t fix. I also have a thing made by Eksen that increases its working memory plugged into it. Don’t ask me anything else about it. All I know is that it helps speed things up. I have Microsoft’s optimizer plus McAfee’s system for removing unwanted junk like those damnable cookies also installed…


  3. Jack Eason says:

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    More from Michael, our man in Devon…


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